Unlocking the Digital Future of Trusted Health Information

CLX Health combines medical expertise and next-generation information technology to solve complex public health data problems that improve public health and safety.

Solving Complex Health Data Challenges

CLX Health is a U.S.-based, privately and wholly owned SiriusIQ company that operates a clinically sound, cloud-based, multi-stakeholder solution which securely manages a vast public health data ecosystem of physicians, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and consumers, currently focused on COVID-19 testing and diagnostics to support health safety compliance solutions for work, entertainment, and travel related engagements. >>

TrustAssure simplifies the complex process of verifying health safety compliance and democratizes access, control and ownership of personal health information. Constantly adapting to ever changing global requirements, any entity can automate travel and workplace health safety protocols and logistics related to COVID-19 and other health risks that are likely to recur in the future. >>

SymCheck is a leading health safety platform for hospitality, live events, and the workplace to help create trusted, safe environments by mitigating health risks. Dynamic location based assessment architecture enables, in addition to COVID or other future health-risks, a wide range of screening assessment profiles for health-related data collection, symptom surveillance and/or for satisfying varied clearance requirements. >>


Transforming Health Data Interoperability

CLX Health combines medical expertise, population health, and next-generation information technology to solve complex public health data challenges that improve public health and safety. Its bold mission is to unlock the digitization of health data with its TrustAssure solutions platform designed to transform and modernize outdated public health data interoperability.

CLX Health’s comprehensive and proven suite of solutions enables consumers, labs, healthcare providers, health plans, and public health authorities to capture, connect, and communicate vital health information necessary to mitigate risk and more effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic, with great applicability for both ongoing public health wellness initiatives as well as future public health emergencies.

During the pandemic alone, CLX Health has processed, as a HIPAA-covered entity, hundreds of millions of health records to adjudicate health-related compliance for people across all business sectors including the global travel industry, corporate enterprise, education, retail, healthcare (labs, pharmacies, testing providers) and others.


Powering Health Safety Initiatives Everywhere

Powered by artificial intelligence assisted with highly trained human curation, TrustAssure currently orchestrates data transactions from across 84 countries and 17 languages. The TrustAssure solutions platform is designed to rapidly adapt to changing COVID-19 standards and conditions globally to implement data collection, workflow, and data exchange requirements in real-time so that consumers, companies, and governments can operate efficiently, ensure compliance, and improve health safety.

The CLX Health TrustAssure solutions platform is purpose built for enabling real-time availability, access, and exchange of public health data to not only insure improved resilience to future public health emergencies but to also empower individuals to selectively control 3rd party access to their personal health information when needed to provide a convenient, risk-mitigating experience.

TrustAssure™ Platform Features

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Symptom Screening at Scale Solved

SymCheck enables people to gather safely and promote wellness with automated health screening assessments for live events, hospitality, retail, and the workplace.

  • Reduces the risk and consequences of COVID-19 by keeping spreaders away
  • Instills confidence in staff, guests and your brand
  • Engages everyone in the process of managing wellness
  • Eliminates paperwork collection and administration
  • Creates definitive audit trail for health safety and legal compliance
  • Ensures real-time compliance with local requirements – so you don’t have to
  • Protects personal privacy in compliance with HIPAA, EEOC, CDC guidelines
  • No additional hardware, installation, or integration required

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